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Friday, 11 March 2005

Words drip down like stains

Fresh from the keyboard - words that make the first cut of a poem:

Words drip down like stains


drip down like stains on the side of the soul
when the meaning that you sent was clear as hearts
and all that was spent

Don’t remember everything then – that’s all at sight
and I will regret from the moment my mouth opens
best left aside, underneath and always
that’s the best I can offer

A single rose, a symbol of the shows
the every expression that I ever gave to you
or made for you, then leapt over rushes and bushes
like some kleptomaniac crunch of a shower.


flow out like spit down the chin
the sin I’m in, the skin I’m in
remembered conversations

Everything speaks to me like the
genuflections of reflections in the glass
of my mind, your kind should stop
being sharp to mine

Then the words, the often heard
in each moment that I offered
would be as clear as the hurting
now it’s all forgotten.


Only Us said...

i like what u wrote.

wld u mind if i post it (crediting u) in my blog?


Stuart said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm happy for you to post the poem on your weblog with a credit and link back to mine. Could you post the url of your blog so that I can visit it? Your existing link seems to go to a page that is not publicly available!