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Friday, 30 September 2005

Playlist September 05

Been listening to these CDs over last couple of weeks:

1. David Sylvian - The Good Son vs The Only Daughter

Remixes of the 'blemish' album - remarkably coherent, total retakes on some tracks, warmth brought to some of the more stark pieces from the original album.

2. Porcupine Tree - Stars Die

A 2-CD retrospective.

3. Harold Budd - Avalon Sutra

Double album - been on my playlist for a while now. Keeps haunting me.

4. Harold Budd - The Pavilion of Dreams

The first album I heard by Budd - still love it after all these years.

5. Brian Eno - Another Day on Earth

Eno does voices after so long - great depth that keeps coming through on each listen.

6. Fripp & Eno - The Equatorial Stars

Great for easing those tensions...

7. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

I just love listening to someone push the boundaries, and those melodies, hooks, riffs!

8. Iarla O'Lionnaird - Invisible Fields

The singer from Afro Celts. Third solo album - a work of great late night beauty.

9. Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong

I love the jazz blasts on this - and the classical pieces - incredibly diverse.

10. Tom Waits - Alice: the complete demos

Great to hear this alongside the original album - the 'interlude' pieces are intriguing, and the singing is fantastic, often very funny.

Thursday, 29 September 2005

Stasisfield mp3 releases : New Release : Preview EP : Fessenden : Stasisfield mp3 releases : Current Releases : Preview EP : Fessenden

I can't remember whether I have mentioned Stasisfield before. John Kannenberg runs this web-based music and images site from Chicago. All mp3s on the site are available for free download. You can also buy mp3 CDs of the back-catalogue if downloading masses of music is difficult through your internet connection. The music is ambient, minimalist soundscapes. I really like the very distinctive sound and look that is created for Stasisfield. John is a sound and image artist who produces all the artwork for the label, which I really like.

The latest release, an EP by Fessenden, called 'Preview' came out recently. I gave it a quick listen last night and was really impressed. This is one that I'll be working with over the next few weeks.

A recent innovation from John's site is an RSS feed, so it is now possible to sign up and get new releases as they become available in podcast form. This is a great idea, and makes the whole process so much easier.

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Nine Horses

If you have read more than a handful of posts here, you will know that I am a big fan of the work of David Sylvian. I have been listening to his music since his band Japan produced the album 'Quiet Life' back in 1980. It is more than a passing interest - I have some 35 albums of his work - ranging from stuff with Japan, to solo and collaborative projects and unofficial live albums.

His work over the last 6 years, after a long break, has been really fascinating. From the uneven album 'Dead Bees on a Cake' in 1999 to the stunning experimental work of 'blemish' which featured Christian Fennesz and Derek Bailey - his work has charted new areas, and pulled in the broadest range of influences. The highlight of this album was the closing track 'Fire in the Forest' with Fennesz which is a truly beautiful piece of music, bringing an album about pain to a stunning resolution.

There's a new album due out on 17th October. It's a collaboration with his brother Steve Jansen and the electronic artist Burnt Friedman under the name Nine Horses. The album is called 'Snow Borne Sorrow' and the clips I have heard sound really intriguing. Can't wait to hear the whole thing when it comes out. On the Sylvian

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

When the brain starts to work again

Over the last couple of days, it has felt as though my brain has come back from an extended period of holiday. I'm beginning to understand patterns again. Things are pulling together into a bigger coherent picture.

It feels like the clearing of a heavy fog. As a result the state of stasis is easing. Writing has begun again, and the creative energies are flowing. You will see more here too.....

Sunday, 25 September 2005

bright by echo of bright recall

bright by echo of bright recall
there is nothing more

only the neatness brought about when we tidy as we go along
turning everything into some sort of song

then there is the won mind-set
no idea why!

then there was the loss of a consonant in a clever
smug sort of whatever

and finally we let it all go
pretend that nothing has happened

seal the secrets in a small envelope,
light a candle,

hold the secret over it
until it ignites, then let go and

watch the paper turn to blackened feather
light, and fragment, into the air

gone forever, burnt out of existence.

Saturday, 24 September 2005

The words begin

The words begin

Like something that slips down the page - not sure

And an image
that is all that poetry is
something that we can picture in our mind

like the arrival of god
at a party when he hasn't been invited
and the host is busy pouring drinks
nobody knows the way to speak

so the first person to open the door, says
"sorry, I know we must have met, at some point that is,
but I have no idea who you are, and you’re not coming in here!"

The door slammed shut…and then silence
nothing to say
the music dies away as the guests wonder whether
they have missed something really important
of consequence.

for it is all of consequences
within the chaos of complex adaptive systems
we all try to make some sense.

seek out a god
and then when we find one,
we shut the door, refuse to recognise
ignore the voice in our head
and strike him off the guest list

safe in the company of those we know.

Friday, 23 September 2005

train fragment

…travelling through the country from London to the North West of England on a train. Looking out of the window, there are huge formations of clouds hanging in an otherwise blue sky. It is the end of an exhausting working week…

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Blogger suggestions

Another day, another dollar. Blogging with Microsoft Word does make this whole process easier. The new facility, here, is a really good development. But what about Categories for Blogger? When are we going to see that development appear?

Blogger did a user survey recently – when are we going to get feedback, and what are they doing with the suggestions that were made in the survey?

Another thing that Blogger could provide, would be the facility to post a number of drafts and then have them automatically post to the site so that there is always a post from the backlog when there is nothing new. Other blogging tools can do this – why not Blogger? Is it just me, or do Google seem to be resting the whole development of Blogger since they bought it?

OK, whinge over!

I’m very blog-light at the moment as I rush about with the day job, and try to realign my life after a stack of changes. Things should pick up soon – promises, promises…

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Escaping writer's block

New words
New creations
New intimations of creativity
Old spaces
Seen before spoken
Somewhere we have been before
Law taken over
Wondering whether there is more in the dust
Specks that have recovered
Speeches that have been replayed

Once the lines have opened
There is not much left to the sands of timeliness
Such as the scan of a mission best replayed

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

U B U W E B :: Glenn Gould

I've been a big fan of Ubuweb for a while now. The site hosts all manner of avant garde and dadaist media, including texts, mp3's and videos / films. There has been a feast of fascinating material on the site for some time now.

After a summer overhaul, there is now a lot of new material on the site. Follow the link to find three sound files of radio programmes created by Glenn Gould back in the 60s and 70s. I first heard these on UK's BBC Radio 3 which hosted a tribute evening to the pianist a few years ago, and broadcast the programmes which were originally heard on Canadian radio. They are bold adventures in radio, Gould literally using the studio as a composing instrument. Well worth a listen.

U B U W E B :: Glenn Gould

Thursday, 1 September 2005

taking words apart

Opening all out
Splitting a cloud like candy floss
Breaking air apart
An atom-smasher

Other words
But do not understand the flow
Through all connections
No rejections
No sorry.

Not part
Not apart
Not even one strong sense of innocence
Would be enough
To split sides
Make asides
Not see.

Even when
The words are spent
The spoken sounds are louder than the heard
The things I say
Are not the same
As yours.