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Thursday, 3 March 2005

Peter Riley Books - bad news

Today I received the latest catalogue from Peter Riley Books, a mail order seller of poetry books, new and second-hand. He is based in Cambridge, England. I've been getting his catalogue for a couple of years or more now. He has an incredibly diverse choice of poetry from a wide range of presses. It's a great way to get hold of poetry that you would never find in a book shop.

Well the bad news is this. Peter says in his latest catalogue that he plans to close down the business later this year. That will leave a big hole in the poetry world in the UK. I will be very sad to see him go - and will miss browsing through his catalogues and picking a handful of books every couple of months.

I'm not ignoring the fact that running a business like his must take an enormous amount of time and effort.

But his efforts will be really missed.

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