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Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Podcast whatever

As I browse podcasts, and dig around in this relatively new medium, it becomes clear that we are still at the experimental stage of this whole innovation. It's being played with by the Early Adopters. Although the talk around this phenomenon is loud at the moment, so the growth in interest is happening as I write. Those previous sentences are another way of saying that podcasts tend to be a bit amateur and improvised at the moment - but that's part of the charm of the whole thing. It's refreshing to hear podcasts after the bland professionalism of mainstream radio.

Today I downloaded the new version of iPodder (2.0) which seems to have fixed some downloading problems which I was experiencing. I emailed Andrew Grumet from the Development Team of iPodder this morning, and was really impressed to receive a reply within a couple of hours. That's excellent customer service! Problems are fixed, and podcast downloads are happening again.

As I type this I am listening to the latest edition of the Brainwashed Podcast which is a weekly podcast of music associated with brainwashed. Last week's hour long programme comprised music from the UK Industrial Records label - Cabaret Voltaire, Robert Rental & Thomas Leer, Throbbing Gristle etc. Music from the early 80s with an alienated feel to it - in keeping with the times as i remember. This week's programme is based on the theme of 'time' and features a diverse mix of found sound, ambient, electronica and funk.

Well, earlier today I took the experiments a stage further and recorded Test Podcast One - ten seconds of voice and background music. So, I have got that far with this experiment. I'll keep you posted....

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