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Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Podcast Paul talks about bullying

I recently listened to Paul Nicholls' podcast from last week (I'm getting behind with these things!) He used show 27 to look at the issue of bullying. It is well worth a listen - follow the link and click on show 27 to download the mp3 file.

Paul is a solicitor, so his comments about tackling bullying are really interesting. He reveals how he was bullied at school, and talks about that, and then offers clear advice to parents to support children who are being bullied. This is a serious issue, well worth the time he spends on it. He helps with the real issue of making something happen when parents can often feel powerless to help.

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Richard Vobes Radio Show said...

Well worth a listen. I picked up on the bullying theme in my show - The Richard Vobes Radio show at

Paul is an inteligent guy podcasting three times a week. We worth catching!

Richard Vobes