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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Soundtrack for an imaginary day

Lifting, climbing, but doing so very very slowly.

From a period of pain, stasis and freezing.

Music accumulating, gathering for listening. Music for inspiration.

A choice for a working: for a certain mood or mode -

1) David Sylvian - Blemish

[a soundtrack from the beyond the realms of pain and falling apart. Still difficult to listen to after so many plays, but compulsive all the same.]

2) David Sylvian - The Good Son vs The Only Daughter

[remixes of the 'blemish' album. A heap of remixers take the basic materials and do something diverse and splendid with it. New stuff, new thoughts, new sounds and ideas.]

3) Sigur Ros - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do

[an EP from this Icelandic band, the soundtrack to work by the choreographer Merce Cunningham. Three pieces with sounds from everywhere, even a music box. A journey of uncertainty.]

4) Terje Rypdal - Varder: Live at Molde Festival 2004

[avant jazz guitarist meets heavy metal. Rypdal makes yet another trip into classical music and comes back with something huge. Not heard this yet - looking forward to it.]

5) Robert Fripp String Quintet - Kan-non Power

[prog rock meets baroque! From soundscapes for the yearning of the soul, to the precision of Bach.]

6) John Paul Jones - Steel your thunder

[live album from former bass player with Led Zeppelin, taking in ambient and soundscape. Is the guitarist Fripp?]

7) Bjork - Medulla

[back to Iceland for new adventures in low fi and voice. Human Beatbox for the 21st century. Robert Wyatt brings sensibility and melody, Bjork finds her soul resonating. No-one anywhere near where she is.]

8) Matching Mole - Matching Mole

[early Robert Wyatt, post-Soft Machine. Out of work jazz musician does pop music. Is 'O Caroline' the most beautiful love song you ever heard?]

9) Can - Future Days

[kraut rock does funk music way ahead of its time. It took until 2005 for the world to catch up with these people...]

10) Brian Eno / Jah Wobble - Spinner

[been looking for this album for years. Deleting stuff is so infuriating. Heard a couple of tracks, love it. Wobble as the William Blake of our century. Restless traveller.]

11) Harold Budd - Avalon Sutra

[what do you mean, it's his last album? Retiring? What a way to go! The perfection of ambient, depth and beauty.]

...and we take the 11 discs (12 if you count Budd as 2xCDs) on a trip through the imaginary day, to a serene place...

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