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Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Busy writing a book

The frequency of posts to the weblog has fallen away over the last few weeks. The explanation - I have been pouring my energies into the planning of a book. The book, working title "Coming through Change", is about organisational change. Its subtitle is "A practical guidebook for personal survival and success during times of organisational change". I have nearly finished putting together the outline and am about to move to the writing stage. I will post extracts and thought-pieces here to keep it alive, and to keep this blog from freezing to a standstill.
Comments, observations, ideas and feedback are welcome.

Friday, 13 May 2005

Maarifa Street - Translucence / Drift Music

Typing away on the computer, 'Carolyn's Fingers' by the Cocteau Twins gently warbling in the background. The UK is caught in an atypical spell of hot sunny weather.

I bought two great albums earlier this week - the new album by Jon Hassell "Maarifa Street: magic realism 2" and Harold Budd & John Foxx's "Translucence / Drift Music". First impressions - Jon Hassell's new album builds the ideas and theories of his work over the last few decades to produce an album which blends live and studio sounds, electronic and acoustic, west and east. The result is a beautiful work - one that melts over you, offers up new turns at each listen. I am very impressed. The album by Budd & Eno which was released in 2003 is a marvellous double album of ambience. Mesmerising. It is one of those albums to play when I need deep thought for some extended writing.

I have been struggling to write regularly here for a couple of weeks now, as I work away outside the world of the web, to ensure that I have meaningful employment to pay the bills. A resolution is nearly in sight.

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

... and then there was a blog post

There's a natural law at work here. If a few days pass without an entry to the blog, it gets harder and harder to break the pause. It's like trying to resume anything after taking a break. The longer the break the more effort is needed to break through the barrier.

I find this with physical exercise too. If I miss a couple of sessions of exercise, getting back to it gets harder and harder.

Once I break through the hiatus and get moving again - whether posting to the blog or running a few miles - it feels easier than I thought it would. And the flow begins again.

Helpful points to remember:

- the barrier is never as enormous as it feels
- it is OK to have a break and get back to it, the flow soon returns

So ... I'm back.