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Thursday, 3 March 2005

Richard Vobes Show

I listened to another episode of the Richard Vobes Show this morning. Richard has produced 40 podcasts in the last couple of months. They feature a little music, lots of chat and laughs. He's very good at podcasting. I am mentioning him again because he left a comment on an earlier post to this weblog. Thank you, Richard.

I'd encourage any of you who read this blog to listen to Richard's show. I rate his and PodcastPaul as the best shows I have listened to so far.

Richard wants to hear my show to see what he thinks of it! I'll have to get on and record one then.


Richard Vobes Radio Show said...

You are a star, Elgin! Thanks for that very nice review. May I use it on my show?

And yes - get recording young man, I wanna hear you first podcast!

Richard Vobes

Richard Vobes Radio Show said...

Hi Stuart

I mentioned you on show 42 - but alas inbetween the giggles with Georgie, I pronounced your name incorrectly. I am such an idiot and I hope you will forgive me.

Any help you need with podcasting then let me know. Add me to skype - richardvobes is the handle - and we can chat!


The Richard Vobes Radio Show

Anonymous said...

oops me too Stu - sorry for mispronouncing mate!!!!

paul nicholls