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Tuesday, 15 March 2005


I regularly read the weblog of Greg Perry. Today he posted a quote from Henry David Thoreau which drew me across to his weblog where does regular posts of extracts from the journals of Thoreau. Today's quote is great - go and have a look.

This quote resonates with me, because I am just lifting out of the winter blues and trying to get the productivity levels up. Time for some ambitious goals.


Greg said...

Stuart, thanks for the mention. And I'm glad the Thoreau quote struck you too. It's been a long snowy cold winter in New England. I'm sure Old England has its own hellish qualities as well. Ah spring!

Stuart said...

Thanks Greg. Yes, Old England can't decide what season we are in - dramatic changes of temperature. It would be nice to have some sunshine and warmth again and feel free of the winter blues.