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Monday, 28 March 2005

A poem to Desmond Swords

A few days ago someone posted a poem as a comment to this post . I say, someone, because I followed the link to their own blogger profile and found a host of names and aliases. I think he is Desmond Swords - but not for certain! He is also Scalljah, Sloppy Bob, and Jan Manzwotz. The writer behind these names has series of blogs here, here and here. As well as being part of a group poetry blog here.

I thought I would return the compliment and post a poem to the Desmond Sword blog as a comment. I've copied it here too:

Yes is an s

blue light
water shine
flickers on down inside
the right-sided find
when the green blade

which rasps loudly

has passed downto beyond where
all that has clasped
has grasped
and let go

yes is an s
an expression

the menace of a huge open space
repressed and defaced
will open and re-appear
no fear

put it down
don’t let it in
shed some light now
fight now
just for spite now

playful but bitter
couldn’t tell who hit her
or when the game is ended
erased like
the reaction hoped and

a piece of the action.

1 comment:

Shy Ritz said...

That's a cool poem. I write poetry also, but they r all over the archieves on my blog.