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Wednesday, 27 October 2004

WFMU live online

OK - I am working at the laptop. Sitting alone here - sometimes feeling a little cut off from the big world out there. So...I have a live feed coming into the computer, playing the latest programme from WFMU station on the net (

As I type this the DJ, Ken, is online playing "Freeform radio for the chronically impatient. Avant-garde pop, poppy avant-garde, loud guitars, lots o' Japanese and 45's played slow. Playlists posted in real time on the web so you can play along at home or work." It's great fun - Stina Nordenstam has just been playing. Apparently later today their DJ Kenny G (who has worked with People Like Us - see earlier posting) is doing a 3 hour show with 360 half minute songs on it! Sounds a bit like The Residents gone crazy! I love this surreal, comic, mad, 'because it's there' approach to things.

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