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Friday, 1 October 2004

Party Music - On Being a DJ

We are having a party this weekend, to celebrate me completing my PhD. It took seven years part-time and the end of it feels like a great excuse for a party.

I have spent the last 24 hours using every available minute to pull together the party music - I'm trying to put together a mix of mainstream with the occasional unusual track which is accessible to the wine drinking party go-er who is busy talking to someone as the music plays in the background. I have even slipped in a couple of tracks from the Okna Tsaham Zam CD. I have put together about 6 hours of music - could easily have come up with double that!

Doing this process is a way of exercising the long term ambition I have to be able to do a radio show, perhaps once a month. I would love to spend an hour or two each month sharing music which I think is wonderful with anyone who want to listen. If anyone out there knows where I can do this - on the net, or on the air - email me or leave a comment below...

You only get to live your dreams if you ask the question and put the request out there.

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