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Thursday, 23 September 2004


it happened quickly
when the first shards of light at early morning
had glanced over the hills.

then was the moment when
I fully realised that all this searching
collecting of myths, looking beyond beauty and nature

would leave me now, emptiness
glances across a crowded room
people we once respected, open to criticism.

inside my own mind, of course,
I knew all too well that the special moments
of a life long-lived, now loved, would come in time.

blue as a colour that I shared so often
and yellow as a sign of morning’s hope
whilst standing alone, looking into the waves ahead

and just wanting it all to stop
for a few seconds of silence
where the river meets the sea, your thoughts and me

no longer as lucid as a sheltering sky
making no sense and wondering why
light opening outwards, learning to fly.

- from 'the alice conversations'. Work in progress.

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