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Friday, 17 September 2004

e e cummings

Last night I did some more work on the booklet 'edge of water'. Then I sat around for half an hour, listening to the 'panthalassa' remix album, whilst reading poetry.

I browsed through 'The Book of Demons & Pearl' by Barry MacSweeney. This is powerful, ranting poetry with vivid use of imagery. One to spend some more time on. Then I dipped into a book I have by e e cummings called '95 poems'. I haven't sat and read his work for years, and I was quickly reminded of the moments of epiphany that arrive as you decipher his poetry. My favourite from last night is set out below. Tip: look for the word wrapped around the bracket first. It's a beautifully poignant piece of work with so little material achieving so much.



And there's a link on the web, where you can read 153 of his poems (don't you just love the internet!) It is here.

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