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Thursday, 9 September 2004

Light Sparkle and Thread of Colours

Just for a change today, I thought I would post a poem I wrote last week. It is part of the sequence that I am working on at the moment called 'the alice conversations'. Comments welcomed.

Light Sparkle and Thread of Colours

Alice is standing – waiting – wondering – without pause
Now she looks at me, and she sees through
Sees the energy flow within, up and down my spinal column
She understands and feels this flow,
Drawing it up from the ground, pulling it down through my crown

She watches as the energies mingle,
Light sparkling of orange, red,
Green, purple, and white, white, white.
All colours flooding through my mind,
Swirling and swaggering
Awakening me, bringing greater intuition.

Then she sees through the fog of greyness,
And with fingers of an adept
She threads colours through the mist, weaves them together
Creates a river, many coloured and flowing with warmth.

Now I am sitting on a chair.
No, more like a throne.
My arms resting on the arms of the throne,
I seem to be moving through the air, neither up nor down
Feeling intense heat,
Flushing through my body, pushing out all
Negative thoughts, cleansing
My energy system.

And I am at the feet of thousands of others,
All smiling, seeing me
And not seeing me.
Being a part of a great mass,
Not alone, not individual,
Merged with the entirety that is all, that is one

Male and female, spirit and soul. The conversation
Means much when words are no longer used,
When synergy comes through, when qualities merge.
The edge of understanding is a step into air,
Hands over the eyes,
Helping to channel the seeing in the mind’s eye.

There is air, there is no movement.
There is fire, there is no burning.
There is water, no drowning.
There is earth, no burial.

Through elements comes balance, and through
Balance comes the energy to move forwards,
Break the wheel, pass onwards.

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