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Thursday, 20 January 2005

Poem: People who accomplish great things

I began a project a week ago. It is a poetry sequence called "Avenues of In Between" and is based on the idea of writing a poem a day for 30 days. At the end of the thirty days I will shift from creative out-pouring to critical friend and do some editing. For now, the poems are left at early draft to make sure that high output levels are maintained. It's a great process of unblocking.

Here is today's poem:

7 – people who accomplish great things

Thursday 20th January 2005

Those people who
Accomplish great things are
Nothing to the mirrors of beyond

I pamper myself with the dew from the morning
Open my eyes and let the first rays of sunlight
Paint themselves across my cheeks

There is nothing new to me now
Tiredness and empty openings reflect
Like the hopeful senses after an enormous rainfall

Seasons change like the passing seconds
Clasping everything in their grip
Nothing can escape their mystery

Everything can scrape through this
Cleansing as it passes by
Pushing all distractions away in its wake

The openings of each achievement
Are the reflections that we each can hold
Wondering why we came here in the first place

Planets astride the merciful
Weather fully in control
Open to each pull.

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