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Friday, 14 January 2005

Categories and contents

I sent an email to Blogger (my host) today, asking them whether there are any plans to incorporate category and contents features in Blogger. From what I can see, these are not available features at the moment. There is a hack way of doing this, by making individual category page posts comprising links to posts about that particular subject, then making the link to that category page into a permanent link on the blog. But that seems like a really clumsy way of doing it - every time you make a new post to the blog, you have to edit each of the category pages to which it belongs.

Anyway, I'm waiting for a response from Blogger on this one. Any of you readers out there have any ideas how to achieve this?

This blog is approaching its 100th entry so the idea of contents lists, and categories sounds like a good way to help with navigation.

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