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Wednesday, 12 January 2005

General malaise

According to John Kao in his book "Jamming: the art and discipline of business creativity" Jimmy Carter used the word malaise to describe the state of Americans post-Watergate and Vietnam. In Kao's view this use of language backfired, because vague psychological language does not get to the mind-set of Americans.

Well, being British I guess I can say that the period from mid-December through to mid-January is on of general malaise. Recovering from the state of exhaustion brought on by chasing some sort of job future (not yet resolved, but getting there!)

Over the coming days I have heaps of things to write about - books read (Michael Heppell, Sigmund Freud, Rupert Loydell), music listened to (Keane, The Thrills, early Japan, Harold Budd, Patti Smith etc etc) and more besides.

For now, let's just say...I'm back!

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