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Friday, 4 July 2003

The exhaustion of travelling

When you just know that the stopping will result in complete body shut-down. The book I am writing on coping with change within organisations, will have a chapter about energy cycles in it. On the cycle which I have mapped for myself, I am in the 'Recovery' mode - exhausted, minimising energy use, and trying to find the scope for re-building…

Here is a poem I wrote in the last few weeks, and I like it, wondering where to put it: -

love making

It took as long as the breath that first stretches on waking early morning
No more

The first day
was a speech
then a gentle fight between us both as we
searched for a point of balance
your fingers touching mine, at the very tips

Nothing that we could express would
release us from this grip
held together in a second that lasts forever

for that is the sound of love
just one last gasp
then a sliding together, materials sparking

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