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Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Make it last forever, it just might

I'm in the middle of a creative splurge at the moment. A flood of poems appearing, generated by the 30 poems in 30 days exercise. It's a fantastic way to clear away writer's block. Here's another - they'll all go through drafts, but here are the first rough sketches...

25 – make it last forever, it just might

Monday 7th February 2005

I know I know
Don’t tell me any more
The scene, the seam, the scream
Everything untidy now, a gentle beat,
A scratching then a scraping sound
A turning and a sense of people
Everyone I find these days, all the strings
A tuneless plucking of a dobro
Just to remember that the artifice of my inner energies
Is as hollow as the rain on the plastic roof
It’s not about spinning, it’s about sitting still
Putting the cough back in the throat
Holding back, not making a point –
When the silence is easier, you see,
Than the vibrant colours that recline on the sofa
And the heart I wear on my sleeve, cliché-like,
Wondering why the music boxes all sound the same –
The point of counter-point
The silent way,
The directions, the sense of self
Make it last forever, it just might.

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