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Friday, 19 September 2003

Give the rabbit away

New covers for the two poetry sequences which I am in the middle of writing have emerged over the last couple of days. They have arisen from photos taken with a digital camera which we bought a couple of months ago. The fact that digital photos can be taken, deleted, retaken, adjusted, see there and then etc makes the medium so much more interesting to use than the locked box of photography with a film.

Today was another great post day. The new issue of 'The Wire' came complete with the new compilation CD which has some really interesting material on it. I have also been listening to an album available for free download from Antiopic ( ) which is called 'The Allegorical Power Series Vol. 4'. It is part of a monthly mp3 download project which presents some really fascinating abstract and experimental music. I particularly like the track by John Hudak. It is called 'rabbit2' and is a beautiful subtle piece of drone music that slips along and makes one feel all comfortable and cosy in an unsettled sort of way. Time to give the rabbit away I think, if we are to move forwards.

This morning's post also brought me 'a.m.' by Michael Ayres which I have been waiting for. It's a huge volume of poetry which I have had a brief dip into. I like the look of what I see. I also think the cover picture is wonderful - it's a painting (I think) by the poet himself. Nice stuff. Ayres lives in Cambridge which is the home of the press 'Salt' which produced the book. One gets the feeling that there is a strong Cambridge clique at work here. But then cliques and networks are what makes the world go around. Time for some more active networking I think.

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