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Friday, 20 June 2003

CD-R's are the great democratisers

So, no longer are the realms of recording the domain of the big record companies and the elite that can afford equipment. Now, anyone with a PC which has a CD Rewriter can produce CD-R's with whatever they want on them.

Last night I spent a couple of hours experimenting with sound files, and creating recordings of my poetry. The product from this was a very rough first cut 13 minute CD of the title sequence from the book "zen words".

Today I borrowed a sound effects CD from my local library. Tomorrow night I will experiment with this to see what I can produce. The results so far are already really good. Years ago I worked with tape recorders and a microphone, but digital sound gives much more control over what I can do. I can merge sounds, combine files, and clean up sound quality. I can also produce multiple copies without impacting on the quality - no build up of hiss and background noise like you get from tape.

Well, as I write this I have just had a brainwave! I have limited space capacity on my website, but I could easily put an mp3 file onto it with an excerpt of "zen words". That would be excellent!!

We live in an exciting world….

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