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Friday, 20 July 2007

The Open - The Silent Hours, Statues

Last year I posted about the Liverpool band, The Open, several times. I thought their two albums were fantastic. The first, full of catchy pop songs - and the second reaching out into diverse influences like free jazz, reminded me of Talk Talk (another big favourite).

I've just been listening to the two albums again, and decided to do a bit of net searching to see what's going on. I drew a blank everywhere I looked. The band's own site now re-routes to Polydor records, and the fan site has been taken over by a golf site! (Yes, I understand the link!)

I've tried searching for Steven Bayley (singer, writer, guitarist, pianist etc) but can't find anything. Does anyone know what has happened to him and the others in the band. Are they making music? I have this romantic notion that Bayley will reappear to make a solo album. Now, when Mark Hollis made his solo album some years after Talk Talk split up, it was a work of remarkable genius. So, I remain optimistic. If you have any information, please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stuart

Steve's an old friend of mine and he moved to London last year. He's in the process of getting some great new stuff together to put out soon. Keep your ears pealed.


Stuart said...

Hi James

Thanks very much for this news - very much appreciated. Will Steve be releasing material as a solo artist? I'm looking forward to hearing what he does next.


Anonymous said...

Dear all, any updated news now?