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Friday, 30 September 2005

Playlist September 05

Been listening to these CDs over last couple of weeks:

1. David Sylvian - The Good Son vs The Only Daughter

Remixes of the 'blemish' album - remarkably coherent, total retakes on some tracks, warmth brought to some of the more stark pieces from the original album.

2. Porcupine Tree - Stars Die

A 2-CD retrospective.

3. Harold Budd - Avalon Sutra

Double album - been on my playlist for a while now. Keeps haunting me.

4. Harold Budd - The Pavilion of Dreams

The first album I heard by Budd - still love it after all these years.

5. Brian Eno - Another Day on Earth

Eno does voices after so long - great depth that keeps coming through on each listen.

6. Fripp & Eno - The Equatorial Stars

Great for easing those tensions...

7. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

I just love listening to someone push the boundaries, and those melodies, hooks, riffs!

8. Iarla O'Lionnaird - Invisible Fields

The singer from Afro Celts. Third solo album - a work of great late night beauty.

9. Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong

I love the jazz blasts on this - and the classical pieces - incredibly diverse.

10. Tom Waits - Alice: the complete demos

Great to hear this alongside the original album - the 'interlude' pieces are intriguing, and the singing is fantastic, often very funny.

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