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Wednesday, 24 March 2004


After a couple of months of frozen creativity, I am back. I have been struggling with writing three journals - this online one, a learning journal I keep for work, and a personal journal which fits in my pocket. I'm trying to think through ways of integrating these - so that the learning and imaginative thoughts can go hand in hand with the material I generate for this journal. Just needs a little more thought. In the meantime, I'm back to writing in here at least a couple of times a week.

What music have I been listening to whilst I've been away? Even that was a bit out on the edge - I've been listening to lots of obscure ambient and noise music, with a share of found sounds too. Then I have also been listening to plenty of Radiohead and the last few albums by jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd.

My interest in Buddhism continues...and I am thinking of doing First Degree Reiki.

Oh, and my PhD thesis was submitted a couple of weeks ago - time to wait for the viva now...

Books - finished reading John O'Farrell's "The Best a Man can get" which was both hysterically funny, and painfully uncomfortable. A great read.

Well, it just took a few minutes and I'm back on line. I wish the redesign of the website was as straightforward. Can someone explain to me where I will find a free idiot's guide to Frontpage so that I don't keep pressing the wrong buttons and ending up with completely dysfunctional web pages? Please email me if you can help.

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