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Tuesday, 25 November 2003

Poetry reading next week – it’s official!

I heard yesterday that I have been asked to do a poetry reading at my local poetry group next week. ‘First Thursday’ meet on the first Thursday of each month (there’s a surprise!) in my home town of Heswall in the North West of England.

I will read a few poems from the ‘Zen Words’ collection and perhaps a poem or two from the forthcoming collections that I am currently working on. I’m really excited about this – and a bit scared too! But then the adrenalin is always useful.

Things like this, coming out of the blue, are always good for motivation. I sent off some more booklets today, and have started to think about the third booklet from ‘blue water books’. I am still aiming to get this booklet out before Christmas.

As I write this I am listening to ‘Tour de France: Soundtracks’ by Kraftwerk. Wonderful stuff – even after all this time, they still stand years ahead of anyone else. Others rush to catch up. If you haven’t heard it and like early Kraftwerk, you ought to try to hear it as soon as you can. You can hear bits of it and see video clips at

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